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Disposable Scalpels

Swann Morton Sterile Scalpels
Disposable Scalpels with Polystyrene Handles (sterile) and Stainless Steel blades (sterile).

Swann Morton Guarded
Disposable Scalpels with sterile Stainless Steel blades & Safety Guard.

Swann Morton Minor
Disposable "Thumb" Scalpels, non-sterile with Stainless Steel blades.

Swann Morton Retractable Scalpels
Disposable Retractable Safety Scalpels, with Stainless Steel blades, sterile / non-sterile.

Swann Morton Kleen Blade System
The Kleen Blade Management System (BMS) compliments the existing range of safety products available from Swann-Morton in their efforts to support safe passing protocols and sharps injury reduction amongst Health Care Workers.