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Anatomical Models

Brains and Head
Models of the human head, brain and neck, superficial dissections expose the facial muscles, superficial blood vessels and nerve branches

Ears & Senses Model
Detailed models of the human ear

Model reproductions of teh human eye

Teeth and Jaws
Models of upper and lower jaws, details of structures of the roots of the teeth and the structure of the gums

Dental Cosmetics & Education
Models showing a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures

Larynx models, movable epiglottis, vocal cords and cartilage

Heart model allows easy identification of all anatomical structures in the human heart

Life size models of the lungs, sectioned to expose the bronchioles, pulmonary arteries and veins

Models showing veins & arteries

Human torso models, dissects into parts

Mammary Gland
life-size cross section models of the female breast showing the structure

Pelvis Reproduction
Male & Female reproductive system models

Life-size models of a reproductive organs

Models of the human digestive system from mouth to anus, including liver and gall bladder

Models partially dissected to show detailed internal and external structure

Birth Sets
Training dolls and models for child birth education

Muscular Models
Models with internal organs, details of the surface and internal muscles, vessels

Hands & Feet
Life-size models showing muscles, tendons and bones

Enlarged modesl of the human nail

Shows the main structures of the skin