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Medical Models & Simulators

Advanced Life Support, CPR, AED
Practicing CPR & AED skills equipment for public safety responders, police, firefighters, airline flight attendants, security officers, etc

Basic Life Support CPR
Manikins designed for teaching individuals or large groups the life-saving techniques of CPR

Casualty Simulation
Practice bandaging, splinting and other casualty response techniques repeatedlyrn

Clinical Skills
Life-like models enabling physicians, nurses, home health staff, patients, and support persons to learn and demonstrate

Crisis Manikins
Full body manikins with Life/form IV Training, Blood Pressure, Defibrillation, Intraosseous Infusion/Femoral Access, and Airway Management Trainer rn

Trauma manikins
Rescue/CPR manikins replicates a wide range of real trauma conditions that are likely to confront the rescuer

Choking Manikins
Realistic manikins. Allows practice of abdominal thrust, chest thrust, and back blow procedures for clearing FBAOs

Rescue Manikins & Vests
Rescue manikins developed for lifelike adult or juvenile victim handling, transportation, and extrication training

Water Rescue Manikins
As the manikins fill with water, they will sink up to the neck. To take them to the bottom, add five to ten pounds of weight

Hospital Training Dolls
Excellent for all levels of health care education from nursing assistants to medical students. Ideal for all training

The realistic manikin lacks visible auscultation sites and challenges the student to palpate the correct locations for listening to either the heart or lung sounds

Airway Management & Intubation
Manikins simulate a nonanesthetized patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, suction, and CPR techniques

IV & Injection
Detailed exercises in venipuncture can be mastered on a realistic model before administration to live patients

Designed for needle or surgical cricothyrotomy

Catheter models with external organs and bladder in a soft, tissue-like plastic

Gynaecology & Obstetrical Manikin
Manikins for practice of a range of gynaecological techniques

Examination & Awareness
For use when teaching self examination and awareness

Handling Manuals & Kits
Shows the effects of correct and incorrect lifting procedure on the spine and a visual guide to the spine and potential disorders

Condom Training Simulator
Soft plastic model demonstrating the proper use of condoms