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Thermometers - Clinical & Domestic

Our range of clinical thermometers includes the VeraTemp+ Non-Contact Thermometer - the only infrared thermometer clinically evaluated in UK Hospitals.

Non-Contact Thermometers

- Save �1000's each year for your surgery or hospitalrn- No more Probe Covers!!
- Simply point and click for clinically accurate readings

Forehead Thermometers
Forehead thermometers for professional or home use

Probe Covers & Sheaths
Disposable thermometer probe covers and sheaths maintain thermometer hygiene and reduce the risk of cross infection

Home Use & Baby Thermometers
The Award Winning VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer

Digital Thermometers
A selection of digital thermometers including fixed and flexible tip thermometers for oral, rectal and axillary use

Ear Thermometers
Ear thermometers from including Braun Thermoscan IRT 4520 and Pro 4000 models

Probe Thermometers
External temperature probes for accurate oral, rectal and axillary temperatures from Welch Allynrn

Disposable Thermometers
Zeal EZEtemp single use thermometers are NHS approved, and used regularly in many healthcare organisations to take clinically accurate body temperatures

Fridge Thermometers & Data Loggers
Monitor vaccines fridge temperatures with the EL-USB-1LCD temperature logger conforming to MHRA accuracy of 0.5C

Non-Clinical Thermometers
A range of traditional non-clinical thermometers for measuring room temperature